Month One For Technical Evangelists At Basho

November 06, 2012

// This is an excerpt from Basho's Technical Evangelist Handbook, 
// our internal documentation for new, existing, and aspiring TEs. 

Basho's Community Team in the U.S. is composed of Technical Evangelists ("TEs"). They are developers whose job is to drive adoption of Riak. When needed, they may be called on to help sell software, but this isn't their primary objective. They are developers and ambassadors.

Here's what you should aim to accomplish throughout the course of your first month. This is a living guide, so change it at will if you have good reason. Above all, have fun and take pride in your work. You're on the front-lines for building community around the best open source database on the market.

Within The First Week

Within The First Two Weeks

Within The First Month


Does this sound like a fun? Send an email to We're hiring TEs in Boston, LA, Chicago, DC, Austin, and various other major cities.